I love to be free and liberated in my creative process and refuse to limit or confine myself in any way. The colours guide me and rule me and come straight from the heart. Colourful, happy and vivacious art that fill your whole being with sunshine – that’s my motto! I quite simply let my intuition show me the way and that is why my motifs and expressions vary. I don’t want anyone to have to limit themselves and therefore I find it even more important to stand up for freedom with my art. The freedom to do things in your own way without anyone telling you that it is right or wrong. The strength and passionate glow in my creativity is variation. I like to alternate, try new techniques, experiment, try things others say are impossible, mix and match motifs and ranges of colours, well… to do everything and anything I feel like at that very moment. Everything under the sun. The best thing about this is that you can choose whatever appeals to you! When the painting is finished and signed, the title often pops up in my head and then a text that explains exactly what that particular piece of art means to me or what I want to convey to the world around me. This is my way of taking a plunge into my own thoughts, clarify and articulate what is going on deep inside my mind. 

You can read a short poetic text about a painting here:

Greenish love 170x190cm

This large, green painting represents summer to me; crips, bubbly and gorgeous! The various shades of green look like a large field of meandering straws of grass, which spread out in a close-knit patchwork and catch the bubbles that the wind has brought over from the children that laugh, play and blow bubbles. Perhaps these bubbles are filled with particularly beautiful moments, glorious memories that one wants to keep or perhaps tiny dream worlds where every tiny bubble protects and envelopes its own dream in order for it to grow and mature at its own pace. What do you think? Sheer, delicate soap bubbles remind me of life, which to me is just as vulnerable and delicate. It smells of summer rain, lush foliage and wild raspberries, can you smell it too?

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