About me

Painting and ceramics are my greatest passions. To be able to enter a creative bubble and shut the rest of the world out is amazingly peaceful and also brings me so much joy. I started painting in 2005 and sculpting in 2016 and ever since my first art exhibition in 2011, I have participated in various exhibitions and events every year.

Creativity has always existed within me and I used to love the art lessons at school, totally mesmerised by the colours, the playfulness and lack of formality. From that point on, painting has been an essential part of my life. It’s my oasis, my haven and it grows strong and stronger the more I paint, while everything around me proves more meaningful.

For most of my adult life, I have searched high and low and really tried to find a job that would suit me. Have worked in different industries and gone to college, but never quite felt that I have totally gelled with the job role or tuition, like you do when you finally have that Eureka moment, or you find the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. For many years, painting was just a hobby, but it grew more and more intense. Eventually, I started my company in 2014 and my mental jigsaw puzzle was complete. It is fantastic to be able to work with what I love and what spurs me on, pushes me to go further. The quest to find the right job brought me to painting and helped me find a way back to the true me; I have come home.

Curiosity and interest in new materials opened the doors to clay and in 2016, I felt I wanted to give ceramics a whirl. It was love at first knead, and the process of my hands moulding the clay and sculpting the figurines is so lovely. Would even go as far as saying that periodically, it is even more fun than painting sometimes.

I gather inspiration from my surroundings, mostly from people and specific places. I love to inspire people and sprinkle creative lust all around me. I do believe the more people that use their creativity on a daily basis, the more gorgeousness we spread around the world. Thanks to that firm belief, I have written my first book Joy & art that is all about creative lust and how we could incorporate more creativity and crafts in our daily life.

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It would be fabulous if you’d want to hang out with me on Instagram, all about inspiration, creativity and other fun stuff, so tune in to get some new ideas and tips to help your own creative process along. More creativity to the people!

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In my blog, I share more stuff about painting and life in general (all in Swedish for the time being). It is great fun and really lovely to be able to write about everything that art and painting rouse within me and at the same time be able to share my thoughts with you. Blogging makes me delve deeper inside my mind, heart and soul to be able to put my creative process into words, where I meet myself and my innermost emotions on a whole different level. Like a reflection, I suppose.

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