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Joy & Art – How to create a colorful life with Anna Karolina Larsson
Hardback, 200 pages.
Language: English

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I love to inspire people and sprinkle generous helpings of creative joy all around me. I firmly believe that the more people who use their creativity daily, the more loveliness will spread across the world. The power of the colours makes your soul dance and your heart sing, a beautiful symphony without words.

This book is for anyone who wants to give their creativity some space to blossom and who longs to start painting without any musts or demands. Perhaps you just need a gentle prod to get going and make more time for creativeness in your everyday life. Simplicity is the focus here because I love to keep things uncomplicated and straightforward, and it should be easy to get stuck into new, innovative ideas. The book has been structured as a 30-day journal with daily tips and exercises that I personally use to keep my art fun, playful and joyous. A pinch of frustration can also pop up from time to time as the creative process contains the whole spectrum of emotions.


I just love this book, but I haven’t yet done all the exercises. This will be my bible as I learn and develop. Thank you for entering my life with your lovely energy. It was needed to give me a new direction in my painting. THANKS A BUNCH! Light and love to you.

//Solweig Alexandersson

A wonderful book that gives the reader sooo much inspiration… But, Karolina, you give more than most when it comes to enthusiasm, happiness, inspiration and empathy. You make your readers feel like they have the courage and the will to try it out. Watching others grow is just lovely and I definitely recommend this book to everyone in the world!

// Mimmi Petersson

A fantastic book to follow day by day, or to just pick a page and start right there. Fabulous images that make me want to create more. Karolina is a generous spirit, who doesn’t mind laughing at herself and doesn’t take herself too seriously during her live broadcasts. Overall a bubbly, happy, lovable person. ❤️

//Ulrika Enlund Liverborn

Dear Karolina, I feel blissfully happy and utterly inspired when I sit here holding your beautiful book in my hand. It’s a real treasure. I like the layout of the book, the concept is educational and well-planned and funny too, which, in fairness, is a fine balance, but you have mastered it. You really have. I already want more and can’t wait for the weekend to come. Chucks, if only each day could be 30 hours rather than 24! To change your quote somewhat: “More painting time for the people!”


An amazing book with tips, ideas and inspiration. Simple materials that most people already have at home and recycling different materials. This book written by Anna Karolina Larsson has brought me back to painting and I feel like my energy levels and lust have been replenished. Thank you❣️

//Ingela Sehlberg

This book is like a colourful, vibrant bag of sweets with a creative painting concept spanning 30 days. Suitable for both adult creators and boisterous, curious kids. You also get a brief outline of the author’s lovely thoughts about life every single day. A book full of happiness and I recommend everyone that wants to start painting to read this.

//Maud Rudwall

A delightful book to come back to and read MANY, MANY times. There is so much happiness and inspiration everywhere to grab hold of, try out and this has given me back the joy to start painting again. ❤

// Karin Henriksson

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